What is a Game?

Although you might think it easy to define what constitutes a “Game” is actually quite tricky. It could be a solitaire game, a sports game or a game of luck. However it is played there are always rules but there doesn’t have to be a winner or a looser. There just has to be a experience you have by following those rules.
My definition is essentially that a game is a defined set of rules with a focus which people interact with to in order to be rewarded with an experience.

By my definition a lot of things which you wouldn’t think of as games are games.

Log on to a social network and you are playing:
– Rules define what players can do
– Players interact with the rules to make posts (the focus) or interact with each other’s posts
– Players are rewarded with points and/or their posts and seen by more people.

Compare this with a game of football:
– Rules define what players can do ( Must stay inside the pitch, can only interact with the ball (the focus) in certain ways and and the game lasts for a certain time)
– Players interact with the rules to interact with the focus and each other.
– Players are rewarded with points.

In fact this definition may be too vague as it could also be applied to society as a whole. Perhaps life is just game?

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